How it Works

What is Water-King 

Water-King is an electronic physical water conditioner that inhibits scale formation in hot and cold water services whilst also removing existing scale deposits; helping to conserve energy and prolong the life of water heaters and other appliances. 

Water-King benefits from a 25 year design life and is completely maintenance, service and salt free.  It’s the only product of its kind proven by independent laboratory tests to partially soften hot water and is performance tested using the IGC-335 protocol.  

How it Works?

Water-King uses pre-programed microchips to transmit pulses of electrical charge into the water at varying frequencies and amplitudes. These ‘signals’ cause some of the minerals in the water to form sub-microscopic clusters.  When a ‘scaling event’ occurs, like the water being heated, these clusters act as nucleation seeds upon which the calcium carbonate (limescale) precipitates.  Instead of the hard encrustation that normally forms on pipes, heat exchangers and elements when water is heated the precipitation takes the form of tiny calcium carbonate crystals that float suspended in the water.  These ultra-fine crystals are simply carried away with the flowing water.

Unlike other products that only treat water as it passes through them, the signal generated by Water-King is continuously transmitted through the water, both upstream (back signal) and downstream, irrespective of flow.  This means that appliances upstream of the unit can also be treated, although the signal won’t work as effectively through pumps and storage cisterns.  

Installing Water-King units tactically, after pumps and tanks, will ensure continuous signal transmission is delivered to all of the water all of the time.  There is no reliance on a temporary memory effect to treat downstream services and no risk of the nucleation clusters degrading before a scaling event occurs.  


How is the Water Softened without Removing Calcium?

As Nucleation seeds created by Water-King stimulate the conversion of more of the dissolved calcium bicarbonate into suspended crystals than would otherwise occur the resulting hot water, with less calcium bicarbonate, is now chemically softer.  Water-King is the only electronic device of its kind proven by independent laboratory tests to produce softer hot water.  To view the test results click here.

Removing Existing Scale Deposits

Water-King is very effective at removing existing scale deposits.  Descaling occurs within a few weeks as the scale loses adhesion to the surface it is encrusting and breaks away in flakes.  For existing systems that are heavily scaled strainers should be considered to reduce the impact of loose debris.  Heat exchangers with restricted flows such as the Geononi, plate and frame and the MAXXflo are particularly vulnerable to debris and should be protected, where possible. 

Testing & Approvals

Water-King is the only product of its kind proven by independent laboratory tests to partially soften hot water.  It has also been performance verified using the IGC-335 protocol by IAPMO R&T Laboratories in the US.    

Part L Regulations & BREEAM

Installing Water-King ensures compliance with the Domestic Heating Compliance Guide published in the Part L Regulations – water treatment is required to reduce the accumulation of limescale in domestic water heaters.  Water-King units have also been awarded BREEAM credits on building projects.  Contact our helpline for more information.


Our technical department is very experienced at advising consultants and contractors on the most effective way of treating water using water conditioning technologies.  If you’re a specifier looking for detailed unit sizing guidance and information about where to best locate units for your application, please click here or call our technical helpline on 01608 811707

Are you a homeowner looking for an easy to install ‘fit and forget’ version of the Water-King?  Click here to find out more about our retail model.