Water-King Solves Limescale Problems at the Gherkin

When Consultants Hilson Moran were looking for an innovative way to prevent problems of limescale encrustation at the iconic 30 St Mary Axe building in the City of London, they turned to water conditioning pio- neers, Lifescience Products Ltd, to provide an answer. The environmentally progressive London headquarters for Swiss Re relies on dispersed electric point of use water heaters for domestic hot water services. To en- sure that these water heaters would operate at maximum efficiency at all times it was vital that they would not be adversely affected by the hard water supply in Central London.

The Water-King Sentry was chosen from Lifescience’s wide range of water treatment products as the most appropriate device for the dispersed water heaters. The Sentry is a powerful, state of the art, electronic water conditioner that is also uniquely proven to partially soften hot water as a by product of its de-scaling performance.

Each of the thirty three main floors of the building, affectionately known as the “Gherkin”, has two water heaters serving the core toilets. In an office environment the useage of the water heaters can vary hugely, depending on occupancy, and there can be a considerable “dwell time” for the hot water before it is used. The performance of most water conditioners installed at the point of entry to a building can be significantly reduced if there is a significant time lapse between the water being treated and the hot water being drawn off.

By installing a dedicated Sentry unit on the cold service to each water heater, the Consultants were able to ensure that the water was being treated all the time that it was being heated and until it was drawn off, thus guaranteeing the most effective treatment, and at a cost that compared favourably with many point of entry systems.

Lifescience designed the Sentry with this specific use in mind and combined a number of features to make the system unique. As well as its very high power output, the Sentry is fully waterproof, and therefore very safe, it can be wired directly to a fused outlet and it has its own automatic reset system so that it needs no monitoring or resetting in the event of a power outage.

Jonny Seccombe, Managing Director of Lifescience Products Ltd, said, “ We are delighted to be associated with this state of the art building with its instantly recogniseable profile in the ancient City of London. Water-King is at the front of the new technology to eradicate the age old problem of limescale encrustation and its adverse effect on energy consumption”.