Water-King is a market leading water softener alternative,
designed to prevent scale encrustation and remove
existing deposits without chemicals or servicing
Water-King is easy to install, maintenance free
and benefits from a 25 year design life
Water-King is proven to partially soften hot water and laboratory tested
to the latest performance standards, for the ultimate assurance of quality
For over 25 years Water-King has been the product of choice for consulting engineers,
contractors, developers, housing associations and installers
Water-King can save energy and reduce maintenance costs
for domestic, commercial and industrial applications


Water-King is a market leading physical water conditioner manufactured by water treatment specialists Lifescience Products Ltd. Designed as an environmentally friendly alternative to salt softeners, Water-King emits a signal into hard water that helps prevent the build-up of encrusted limescale whilst removing existing scale deposits without using chemicals.

Water-King is easy to install, requires no plumbing, benefits from a 25 years design life and is completely maintenance free!

Because it prevents scale encrustation without the use of chemicals, Water-King can deliver most of the energy and performance benefits of expensive salt softeners whilst still retaining all the healthy minerals found in hard water. It is the only product of its kind proven by independent laboratory tests to partially soften hot water and has also been independently performance tested to the latest standards for the ultimate assurance of quality.

All Water-King products are designed and manufactured in the UK and come with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.


If you’re looking to specify or install a market leading hard water treatment with a proven history of successful installations across all industry sectors, look no further than Water-King.

For more than 20 years it has been the product of choice for public health and mechanical engineers, main contractors, architects and installers who have experienced its proven qualities.

From world famous stadia to iconic high-rises like the Gherkin and prestigious residential developments, Water-King is the name you can trust.


Renowned for their expertise and pioneering approach to the development of non-chemical water treatments, Lifescience Products Ltd is widely acknowledged to be at the vanguard of technological advances in the non-chemical water treatment sector. Many of their discoveries, borne from over two decades of research and development, are now accepted as industry standards.

Water-King Solves Limescale Problems at the Gherkin.


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