Water King Unit

Water-King is a market leading physical water conditioner. It’s easy to install and solves many of the problems associated with hard water; reducing lime scale, removing existing scale and cutting energy bills without requiring plumbing.

Water-King is the ‘fit and forget’ alternative to salt softening. Its uniquely proven to partially soften hot water, improving soap and detergent lathering

I’d heard of Water King through my work as a plumbing design engineer and decided to fit a Water King on the incoming water main. That was over ten years ago and we’ve not had a scale problem since. I would recommend Water King to anyone living in hard water areas.


Mr J Rose, London

A brilliant idea. Why everyone doesn’t fit them, I’ve no idea!


Mr J Chatfeild-Roberts

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Lifescience Products Ltd have been providing expert technical advice and market leading water treatment products for over 20 years.

Their Water-King electronic water softener is widely specified and installed by some of the UKs largest consultants and contractors on a range of projects from world famous stadia to landmark developments, like London’s iconic ‘Gherkin’ Building.

You too can benefit from this unique technology by ordering the easy to install Water-King WK1, a domestic version of the product designed specifically for the home-owner.

  • Inhibits limescale formation and removes existing scale
  • Saves Energy, cuts bills and reduces your carbon footprint
  • Softens hot water; improves soap and shampoo lathering
  • Better for skin and hair (can help eczema & psoriasis)
  • Complies with Part L regulations
  • No servicing, salt or chemicals required
  • Water remains potable and retains healthy minerals
  • Easy to install - no plumbing required
  • NO-QUIBBLE, 100 day money-back Guarantee.

The Technology Explained
Water-King uses pre-programed micro-chips to transmit pulses of electrical charge into the water at varying frequencies and amplitudes. These "signals" cause some of the minerals in the water to form sub-microscopic clusters. When the water is then heated, the clusters act as nucleation seeds upon which the calcium carbonate (limescale) precipitates. Instead of the hard encrustation on pipes and heating elements that normally occurs when water is heated, the precipitation takes the form of tiny calcium carbonate crystals that float suspended in the water. These ultra-fine crystals are carried away with the flowing water.
How Is The Water Softened?
The nucleation seeds created by Water-King stimulate the conversion of more of the dissolved calcium bicarbonate in the water into crystals in suspension than would otherwise occur. The resulting hot water, with less calcium bicarbonate, is now chemically softer. Water-King is the only electronic device of its kind that has been proven by independent laboratory tests to produce softer hot water. See the test results here.
Drinking Water and Salinity
Unlike ion exchange softened water, where minerals are removed and replaced by sodium, Water-King treated water is good for drinking. There is no need for a separate drinking water supply, no health risks and no chloride effluent. It can be used for reducing scale in irrigation systems and food preparation facilities.
Removal of Existing Scale Deposits
Water-King is very effective at removing existing scale deposits from water heaters. Descaling occurs within a few weeks. The scale breaks away in flakes as it loses adhesion with the surface that it is encrusting. In existing systems that are already scaled up the use of strainers should be considered to reduce the problem that debris scale can cause. Mixing valves, aerators and shower heads can collect debris. Heat exchangers with restricted flow passages such as Geononi, Plate and Frame and MAXXflo are very vulnerable to debris and should be protected with strainers where possible.
Is Water King right for you?
Field trials conducted over the past fifteen years around the world have demonstrated the effectiveness of Water-King in most applications where conventional water softeners would normally be used. Water-King is less expensive to install and maintain than ion exchange softeners. In larger applications it is also less expensive and simpler to install than inline magnetic and electro magnetic systems. Water-King requires very little space, no special plumbing, no waste water connection nor access for the supply of salt and its storage. There is no head loss nor any additional corrosion problems
Lifecycle Costs
The running costs are negligible, no more than £10.00 per annum for domestic models. The design life is in excess of 25 years with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty. Water-King comes with a no quibble 100-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.


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